Starting to add stories
We are going to be starting to add more stories over the weekend and will be inviting more authors to join us here.

We are still not as yet completely up and running as I am still struggling with some settings and features (especially formatting and html, D'oh!). I also still have a large backlog of my own SG1 stories to add over the weekend.

Over the weekend I'll be touring the LJ and inviting authors to come play here but I think a general announcement is still a week or so away. So if you've run out of things to read, be a little patient and you will soon be rewarded!

In the meantime, PLEASE go read PhoenixDragon's marvelous epic 'Perspectives' it's very tasty!
Euphrosyne on July 10, 2010 02:12
Trial Story Loading
If you have stumbled into the DarkGate you will see that we are not quite open for submissions as yet. Being new to this game I am trying to become familiar with the controls by loading (and possibly removing and reloading over and over) my own stories. Please be patient with me. Thanks!

07/04/2010 Still tweaking and trying to understand all the functions, so if you have been asked to come here and submit a story please understand it might take me a few tries to get it right (regarding validation). As they say in TV...please stand by! If you find your particular characters or category are not already listed, please drop me an email at: darkgate at squidge dot org Thanks!
Euphrosyne on June 29, 2010 03:51